Sunday, September 28, 2008

Central Government Complex, Tamar

Central Government Complex, Tamar will be the new location for the offices of the Central Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Located at the Tamar site, the complex will house the Office of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and the Central Government Offices.

The complex consists of three blocks:

Central Government Complex Office Block

This block is made up of two towers and forms a glass arch. The 27 storey east tower will be home to:

* Chief Secretary for Administration
* Financial Secretary
* Transport and Housing Bureau
* Food and Health Bureau
* Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
* Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
* Development Bureau

The 23 storey west tower will be home to:

* Secretary of Security
* Secretary of Civil Service
* Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
* Secretary of Home Affairs
* Secretary of Education

Central Government Complex Low Block

This 4 storey block will house the Office of the Chief Executive of and the Executive Council. The ExCo will have their chambers located here.

Central Government Complex Legco Block
This block will consist of the 4 storey Legislative Council Chambers and 10 storey office tower

This winning design was from the Gammon-Hip Hing group and scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Construction is due to begin in mid-February for completion in 2011. It will engage more than 3,000 workers.

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